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Wholegrain Ragi Cookies 120 gm

Wholegrain Ragi Cookies 120 gm

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Who says no to cookies?!! We all like to munch on cookies. A glass of milk or a cup of tea is incomplete if there are no cookies or biscuits to go with it. And when we’ve made them with nutritious and healthy ingredients, we’re sure you wouldn’t mind having an extra bite (or box) for sure!!

At SproutOG, your wholegrain bakery, we’ve made a ragi and whole wheat cookie, and as always, with organic, freshly milled flours, forest grazed cultured butter and ghee, and high nutrition ingredients.

Ingredients: Wholegrain blend (Ragi 50%, Whole Wheat Sharbati 45%, Emmer 5%), Jaggery, Cultured Butter & Ghee, Cashew Nuts, Cardamom.

Net weight: 120 gm
Shelf Life: 20 days

Storage Instructions: Please store in an airtight container, in a cool, dark and dry place.

Packed in recyclable virgin BPA-free plastic boxes.
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