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Traditional Idly Dosa Batter 950 ml

Traditional Idly Dosa Batter 950 ml

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Our Traditional Batter is made from organically grown idli rice from our farm in Navalpakkam.

Ingredients: Organic soaked / sprouted blend (Idli Rice, Urad, Methi), Himalayan Pink Salt

Net weight: 1000g
(Makes approximately 20 idlis / dosas)

Shelf Life: 5 days under refrigeration.

Storage Instructions: Please keep refrigerated and use within 3 days after opening.

Instructions: Bring the batter completely to room temperature. Lightly mix, but do not let out all the air bubbles (this is what makes fluffy idlis and dosas). Gently spoon it into a greased Idli plate / on a hot lightly oiled Dosa tava. Steam the idlis and remove carefully / grill the dosas with a little oil. Dip it in hot sambar (or chutney). Take a bite. Burn roof of mouth. Wait for it to cool. Continue eating normally.
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