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Nendran Banana

Nendran Banana

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Pack quantity: 3 pieces
Approx. weight of 3 piece will be 450gm - 500gm

Nendran bananas are large and yellow, sweet in flavour with a distinct texture, Nendran Banana is the source of different nutrients and has a variety of health benefits.
• Nendran bananas is high in protein and vitamin. It lowers cholesterol in the body.
• Nendran is good for reducing blood pressure and modifying the metabolism.
• Nendran Banana boost the immune system. It is also an energy booster, protecting heart health.
• The powder of Nendran is good for babies. They are cut into small pieces, dry in the sun and powdered. In Kerala, this is a healthy baby food product for gaining weight. It is easy to digest. Usually, it is home-made.
• Nendran bananas is good for digestion and reduces constipation.
• They are good for weight loss due to their low-calorie content.
• Furthermore, they help in intestinal disorders, Anaemia, kidney disorders, etc
• Ensures healthy eyes, building strong bones and detoxifying the body.
• The Nendran utilizes resistant starch and good for health.

Note: The banana skin has an unsightly appearance

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