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Sprout OG

Multiseed Bread

Multiseed Bread

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Made with whole, organic sharbati & emmer wheat berries (ground fresh every day & then slow-fermented for 24h), and copious amounts of healthy fatty seeds for truly healthy sandwiches.

Ingredients: Whole Wheat (Sharbati 90%, Emmer 10%), Jaggery, Cold-Pressed Peanut Oil, Chia Seeds, Sesame, Flaxseeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Pink Salt, Fresh Yeast* (*not organic)

Net weight: 650g (15-16 slices)

No preservatives, no added gluten, no bread improvers, or anything that our grandmothers didn’t use in their kitchens. The healthiest loaves of bread you can find!

Shelf Life: 5 days (refrigerated)

Packed in recyclable virgin plastic and recycled kraft paper pouches

Instructions for use: We suggest you lightly toast or grill the bread for a softer texture (filled with high fiber ingredients; it is quite crumbly). Slather some of our Sprouted Chickpea Hummus or anything you can lay your hands on. Nibble the edges first. Enjoy maximum filling-to-bread ratio in your sandwiches.
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