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Kombucha - Kokum

Kombucha - Kokum

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The first Kombuchas are thought to date back as far as 221 BCE in China. They called it the “Tea of Immortality”.

And we believe there is some truth to it. We know that green tea is high in antioxidants.
We take that, ferment it, giving it even more benefits, making it MighTY
Then we add our in-house Kokum sherbet for the second fermentation. easing your anxiety, calming your mind, and uplifting your mood when you are feeling low. Kokum helps increase the level of serotonin in your body; the mood-enhancing hormone which is responsible for making you feel positive and cheerful. This Kombucha does just that.

Mahesh, our Fermenter calls these infiniTY!

And, the most sought-after reason to try our Kokum Kombucha - it is joyful!

Ingredients: Green Tea, Kokum, Raw Khandasari Sugar, Scoby Culture.

Shelf Life: 7 days refrigerated. Use immediately after opening.

Net Weight: 200ml

Packed in reusable, recyclable glass bottles.
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