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Garlic Herb Roll

Garlic Herb Roll

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Do you love a buttery roll with your dinner?!

These garlic rolls are made with our proprietary atta (sharbati and emmer) with roasted garlic, parsley & coriander, 100% cultured butter, and as always slow fermented for 24 hours.

They are soft, buttery, and absolutely incredible.

Net weight: 350 g (pack of 4)

Shelf Life: 6 days (refrigerated)

Storage Instructions: Please keep refrigerated

Packed in recyclable virgin plastic and recycled kraft paper pouches

Instructions for use: Look around to make sure there’s no one else. Open package, slightly warm the rolls to soften them. Smear some plain softened butter. Bite into them (eyes may close automatically). Read the really long history on the pouch. End with dusting off any crumbs and recycle the packaging.
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