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Buddha Rice (Kalanamak Rice) - Aromatic

Buddha Rice (Kalanamak Rice) - Aromatic

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Kala Namak Rice, also known as "Buddha Rice," is a unique variety of rice with a rich history and distinctive flavor. This rice has been cultivated since the Buddhist period (600 BC) and is said to have been gifted by Lord Buddha himself to the people of Kapilvastu. When the villagers asked him for prasad, Lord Buddha gave them the grains, asking them to sow it in a marshy place. He prophesied that the rice would have a typical aroma that would always remind people of him.

Kala Namak Rice is traditionally milled and directly procured from farmers, ensuring that the rice is of the highest quality. It has a unique aroma and flavor that sets it apart from other rice varieties. In 2012, the government of India granted Kala Namak Rice a geographical indication (GI) tag, recognizing its unique qualities and origin.

This aromatic rice is rich in iron and zinc, making it a healthy choice that can help prevent diseases borne out of iron and zinc deficiencies. It also contains the antioxidant "anthocyanin," which helps prevent heart and skin diseases.

Overall, Kala Namak Rice is a high-quality rice with a rich history and unique flavor. It is a healthy choice that can help prevent diseases and is perfect for those who appreciate the flavors and traditions of India.
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