About Us

Ethics & Ethos

At Bhoomi, we farm naturally grown, chemical free fruits and vegetables that focus on nutrition per gram, and not rate per kilo. We deliver produce that is consistently fresh, fantastic in taste and quality and high in nutrition.

Soil is the foundation for all life on the planet. We must protect it and make it better. Our no-tillage regenerative farming methods help sequester carbon from the air back into the soil. We grow on soil and do not use water as media to grow food.

We follow a set of basic principles of regenerative farming:

  • No-till farming; disturb the soil as little as possible.
  • Never allow the land to be completely devoid of plants. We don't even remove the roots of our vegetables except root vegetables.
  • Rotate species of crops that replenish the soil with nutrients the previous crop consumed - a symbiosis that benefits the plants, soil and human beings.
  • In-house mulch to cover the soil ensures none of the top soil's nutrients gets lost in exposure to the elements.
  • Continually replenish the top soil with our own in-house organic compost - this makes our soil gain superpowers for the plants we grow in it.


Bhoomi Innovation Center

At Bhoomi, we decided that a lot of work needs to be done in the areas of soil science, plant science and climate management for growing our organic products. Bhoomi’s Innovation Center is built as a Center Of Excellence (COE) for regenerative organic farming of vegetables.


Key Differentiators?

  • We have a top-notch regenerative organic farming research team, which focuses on how to grow the most nutrient dense food (high amount of minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants per gram).
  • Our farm soil is disturbed the least with tractors. No-till agriculture is our focus and minimum or no-tillage is our goal. This makes soil and plants very healthy because the microbial life inside the soil is undisturbed and that makes consumers healthy.
  • Bhoomi makes value-added products like whole grain organic slow-fermented breads, wholegrain batters, healthy sauces, pickles, etc. from Bhoomi grown or Bhoomi certified, safe organic whole ingredients to help make your kitchen healthy and chemical free. No hidden additives and taste enhancers are used.
  • Integrity and honesty of products are the focus of Bhoomi, in an environment where it’s hard for customers to trust the source of their products. We grow reliably so that customers can get a regular dependable supply of vegetables all grown by us in many farms owned and operated by Bhoomi.