About Veggie Box

As a society, healthy food is not available for everyone because of market forces. Everything is driven by economics. At Bhoomi farms, we want to make healthy, authentic, organic fresh vegetables affordable to help customers make the decision based on quality and health needs and not the price of food.

Everyone is checking the price before buying something truly healthy. They settle for cheaper and possibly chemical-ridden products because they have a mental block that the price of organic food is too high. We have provided an introductory price for vegetables that is the most affordable if you are a member of the Bhoomi farms Veggie Box program.

Customers are also worried about the source traceability of food. If it's indeed organic. This is why we built our own farms to ensure a brand-new experience for customers. Let us put an end to price and source traceability concerns for the first time in India

1) Members of the Bhoomi farms Vegetable Box community share the daily vegetables growing at four owned and operated Bhoomi farms at Thalli, Vandavasi, Denkanikotta, and Nilgiris

2) The experience of the veggie box is similar to walking through our farms and harvesting and packing what you need for your home kitchen

3) Members journey through the times of abundance and less abundant rainy seasons of the farm throughout the year

4) You get twelve deliveries to your doorstep per month so that you can take just enough vegetables to last for 4 days and retain freshness of the vegetables when you prepare healthy meals at home.

5) Members agree to consume all items ordered and not waste vegetables by storing longer than they should in their refrigerator

6) Members hand-hold and support the farmer during tough times by engaging in dialogue to meet their needs instead of dropping off from the membership

7) Everything happening at the farms is transparent to the veggie basket member community. Members also get to visit the farms where their food is grown on specific days each year.

8) The members can cancel their subscription anytime without reason and Kgs not delivered to them will be refunded immediately

9) The Biggest advantage of the Bhoomi Veggie box is the promise of health and nutrition in the vegetables grown on the soils at our farms that we manage We build to be mineral balanced living soils with rich biodiversity. You may notice enhanced health and vitality and a deeper connection to our soils and nature.